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Bali, Boozing and Broken Resolutions : 2015 to 2016...

Days turn into weeks, weeks turn into months, and in the blink of an eye I find myself at the end of December, wondering how 2015 has managed to fly by so fast. This year has felt the shortest of my life. London is a rat-race, and my work has pulled me in - jumping from job to job - great I know, but leaving little time to reflect on anything. Let alone keep up to date with this blog. (apologies blog).

I took time out of the rat-race in August. I'd been working 12 hour days, had just come back from Ibiza and felt as if my head was about the explode. Only in part due to the Ibiza fun with 7 other girls ;) I flew to Ubud, Bali to stay for a month by myself. There I gave up alcohol, meditated, took up Pilates, read mountains of books, climbed real mountains, took myself off all social media and all in all just got myself back to feeling well in mind, body and spirit. And I actually felt like that. Until I flew back into London on the Friday, and found myself out on the Saturday night.

And I had great plans for the new me - I really did. I bought a Pilates Mat to get up and use at 6am each day. Warning my housemate that when he was ironing his shirt every morning, I too would be there; practicing Pilates. Two months on he commented how he'd not seen me once.

I quickly got sucked into the late nights again, the long hours at work and treating my body as the complete opposite to a temple. And then after an exhausting stint of shoots, I decided to take December off work so I could catch up with all my friends, attend every Christmas party possible, and well, just have a grand old time here in London. Subsequently my bank balance is a lot lighter, my waist line is a lot heavier, and I'm signing up to 'dry January'. With eagerness. Going out every evening in December has definitely taken its toll, my liver needs a break, and I wouldn't mind being able to do up my jeans again. But hell its been fun.

2016 excites me already. I have plans for Sri Lanka, India, Cuba, and Glastonbury. This is the first time I've ever managed to get a Glastonbury ticket and I'm so excited. My boyfriend was rather less enthused however at my proclamation that I will need two tents - one for sleeping, and one for my wardrobe. I mean it makes perfect sense to me - who wants glitter all over their pillow?! So far he's definitely said no to the idea of a clothes rail coming...

Last New Years Eve I brought it in in Sao Paulo, and the rest of the year has been absolutely incredible. I traveled Brazil by myself, danced in Rio Carnival and won it with my Samba school, moved from South London to East London, threw a festival just outside Paris for my best friend, watched two of my best friends get married, was a bridesmaid for one, spent sleepless nights in Ibiza with 7 girls, ran away to Bali to find my inner-self, found my inner-self in more East London drinking establishments then I can count, broke / lost / drowned 5 phones this year, got 2 more tattoos, shot 12 TV commercials, lost numerous important belongings and dignity, and did all of this while having some absolutely lovely people come into my life who I cant imagine not being there.

New Years Eve will be brought in on a London rooftop watching the fireworks. English weather prevailing that is...

Happy New Year everyone, eat, drink and be very merry!

And bring on 2016!

Emily x