When in doubt, bake!

Yeh, So instead of spending my night packing to leave Darwin, my German housemate talked me into (not that it took much persuasion) baking Christmas cakes. Well biscuits to be exact. A great idea, and bluddy great biscuits…but slightly badly planned as it meant me cramming my cases at 2am the next day for my flight at 5am. But hey its possible when you've got a plate of these to keep the sugar levels up!

I attempted the 'melted snowman' as seen on http://www.crazydomestic.com/ blog. Unfortunately mine lived up to their name and literally were melting (as you can see in the pictures) in Darwin's 35 degree heat. They may look slightly disgusting, but don't let looks deceive you, these (and I don't mean to blow my own trumpet here) are some of the best biscuits I have ever, EVER eaten. I think thats due to the fact that I added in extra sugar to the mixture.

And so so simple to make - 1 egg yolk, 250grams butter, 250g plain flour, 150g sugar (I used 190) and vanilla essence. Simple! Go and make your own. GO! and hopefully they won't melt quite so much on you. The icing is just icing sugar and water, and the marshmallow has to be slightly warmed in the microwave and squashed on. as you can see from the pictures, mine didn't need a microwave…

The other biscuits are made by my housemate with a similar (less sweeter) mixture.

Emily x


Is this the worlds most attractive television studio?

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Blue skies, green grass, warm sun, palm trees...yes its the Channel Nine studio! Ive spent the last 8 weeks here on placement, and I've loved it. Had a crack at reporting, followed the President, and can now class myself as queen of the autocue.

Sadly its my last day today as I'm off to Byron Bay to bask in more blue skies (fingers crossed!) and cold ciders on the beach over Christmas.

So for one last time, Darwin, thank you and goodnight.

Emily Duffield, Nine News.


A Pomme in Tennant

What better way to encapsulate an experience then to write about it. Not having a blog at the time I opted for the Tennant and District Times instead! Here are a couple of my articles….

Emily x

Tennant Times

Pictures were taken by James McVeigh and the landscapes are completely untouched.

Think one street in the middle of the desert, hours from any other town. And that's where I was living for a few months on my arrival to Australia. The sunsets were magnificent, the locals were not.

The population being only 2000 we had one foodshop and one clothes shop. Pubs were aplenty. The towns one saving grace, and escape was the beautiful Mary Ann Dam, pictures of which are above.

Tennant you were unforgettable.

Emily x


All that glitters…

Shoes : Topshop, Shorts : Asos


Got these sparkly numbers through the post recently. The shoes are not exactly the most practical for Darwin's sweaty feet weather, but they are beautiful so who cares! The sequin pants are yet to be worn…I'm all for a bit of leg showing, but these show ass. And a lot of it. I don't think Channel Nine is quite ready for the ass yet, so these will have to be saved aside for the New Year Festivals instead!

Topshop has an immense amount of glittery stuff on its website at the moment…I'm rather sad to not be in the UK and have the bank balance to allow me to buy it all...

Photography is a hobby of mine, and something I'm slowly getting better at! Photographs were taken by myself on a Canon 550D on a 18-55 stock lens.

Emily x