Absence makes the heart grow fonder...

Why hello there, and big apologies for my long absence! I spent a debaucharus few weeks in Byron Bay and Sydney unapologetically celebrating Christmas and New Year again and again. My liver and bank balance have suffered but hell your only 24 once!

I'm now residing in Melbourne where I am shamelessly loving nights in Chinatowns dumpling hotspots, busking on streets, rooftop bars and all the coolness that Brunswick has to offer. I. LOVE. IT. Its like a manageable London where people aren't so rude to you and its hot enough to get a tan.

My long absence has been due to the fact that I've spent the last few weeks without a home…having only just got one within the last week. Its myself and 6 other friends (including my sister yay!) living in the Camden of Melbourne, Brunswick. Cafes, jazz bars and thrift shops line the street, highlighted by graffiti art. In the last week our house has accumulated two shopping trolleys, a fake parrot, and an open sign. We've furnished our house with the help of friends, charity shops and people off free-cycle! Many a toast has ben made to these generous souls. SO THANK YOU ALL OF YOU!

Love Emily x

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